Stefano Ricci Interiors


"When someone says, I know how to do it, it means that he knows how to redo it, otherwise he would have done it before."
(Bruno Munari, in Verbale scritto, Il melangolo, 1992)


Italian style and design in the new furnishings collection for slow living designed by Stefano Bassano for Stefano Ricci Interiors

The prestigious men fashion brand Stefano Ricci chooses the signature and taste of Stefano Bassano for the new collection of slow living furniture: preview on April 3rd, from 17.30 at the Boutique Stefano Ricci, Via Gesù 3 to inaugurate the week of Salone del Mobile in Milan (April 4th -9th 2017).

The classic and sophisticated elegance of the Florentine brand Stefano Ricci, is modern and yet timeless, and is recognizable in the 100% Italian design of Stefano Bassano.
Stefano Bassano is partner of the firm Arredamenti Bassano, and he chose to express through this collaboration, his idea of interior design as a continuous research for new materials , trends and innovative products that combine the sophistication of Italian design with modern living requirements.

This project is the basis of Bassano Future division, created in 2015 with the aim of designing innovative and aesthetically distinguishing solutions such as the revolutionary containment system that uses the principle of magnetism or the introduction of biomedical materials in interior design components.