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"Today the concept of home and living space are changing. New technologies that have changed our lives in the last ten, twenty years are modifyng space, entering in our physical world. This is called Internet of Things and it creates wonderful opportunities for us architects, designers, engineers, just to rethink our environments. " These are the words of the designer Carlo Ratti at the opening of the exhibition entitled Rooms. Novel living concepts which inaugurated during the last edition of the Milan Design Week and is on until 12 September 2016 at Triennale di Milano.

Technology meets and mingle with the concept of living creating new possibilities and sceneries to explore. Not only smart refrigerators and ovens programmed remotely through our mobile devicees, or alarm and heating systems. The smart home of the coming years will exceed the definition of home automation to create a totally different concept: smart pieces of furniture taht can dialogue with us, send and receive information and then perform different functions.

A versatile and innovative universe that we must study and analyze without forgetting, however, the centrality of the person. "Interior design is a place that maintains an almost sacred dimension" declares Stefano Bassano CEO of the Group, "it is a space that gathers emotions, personality and ideas of the people that live and inhabit it. Is is therefore necessary to project together with them and fill it with items, objects and furnishings that can make it become unique and very personal. " The concept of Internet of things for Bassano has to be synonymous with well-being and comfort for the people, a profound relationship between living spaces and the people who live there”.

An intimate and emotional perspective that is found for example in the project by Lago, Talking Furniture: kitchens that will offer recipes, and beds capable of telling fairy tales at bedtime. This project wants to change the paradigms of human-product relationship transforming it into a new experience in order to live furniture at the most. Or even in Vitra Lift-Bin, the first sofa with digital control that becomes an armchair, a chaise longue, a bed or a large domestic landscape.

Bassano, always at the forefront in the interior design industry, is carrying out interesting projects on the internet of things issue in Bassano Future, the internal division of the group dedicated to research and innovation in materials and technologies, to turn creative ideas in brand new products.

"The world of design is facing a new challenge," says Stefano Bassano, "that the visionary author Bruce Sterling calls Epic struggle of the Internet of Things, the great battle of the internet of things, the difficult and at the same time interesting research for a perfect balance between style and technology, sophistication and functionality, modernity and tradition. "

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