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For some years now the term Domotics¹ has become standard practice. The continuing development of new technologies that affect and transform all areas of our lives, the great success of modern communication and development of the network device through the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) turned the consumer into an informed and curious public.

This year will see certainly a lot of interest and a growing demand for such facilities due to the novelty introduced by the Italian Stability Law. From January 1st 2016, in fact, the deduction of 65% IRPEF, known as "Ecobonus" was extended to home automation costs.

For Bassano the concepts of Smart Home² and energy efficiency are two priority issues which must be conjugated with style and distinctive design. The new challenge of interior design is exactly this: to make the smart home not only functional but aesthetically beautiful.

Bassano Group renews its philosophy in this area too, "the house you want, the emotion that you would like" reads the claim of the company. Create an interior design project that is the mirror of the personality and emotions of those who will inhabit that place. Transform a "blank space" into a house to live in, in a very personal way paying attention to all details. Technology for Bassano is submitted to the customer’s needs and becomes a key element that completes the project in a refined and discreet way.

Domotics becomes stylish and design is, once more, a synonym for innovation, functionality and elegance. This is the frontier of smart furnishing that is able to modify itself or expand its functions through domotics. Sofas with devices for the electric drive of the headrest or seat position, extensible tables with electric opening and automatic mechanism but also high-tech appliances.

Bassano chooses for its customers interesting issues that are able to combine innovative performance with beautiful aesthetics. As with the FRANKE ovens where technological excellence, product quality and design create top of the line products. Franke myMenu oven is an example of how domotics controls the dialogue between the oven and your smartphone allowing you to choose what to cook from a cookbook and send a signal to the oven that automatically programs the cooking.

Another interesting proposal among Bassano’s brands is Snap Elica. The company that produces hoods launched its innovative system to monitor and improve the air we breathe at home. Modern design, basic colors, Snap Elica is a perfect example of  domotics to improve the quality of life. Three sensors that act on quality, temperature and humidity allow to reduce the concentration of pollutants, odors or excess vapors.

Trends and technology, design and Internet of things: Bassano Group continues its way heading towards style and the research for uniqueness through constant attention to the concept of modern interior design.



¹ Domotics: discipline concerned to invent and study new systems for improving quality of domestic life, through the application of high-tech automatic systems, for the management of various systems and components, including lights, heating, electrical appliances, opening and closing of doors and windows, switching alarm system, video surveillance and so on.

² Smart home is the result of home domotics and aims at improving the quality of life not only in energy-saving economic terms but also in terms of comfort, well-being and safety.

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