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Bassano Group designed and patented a simple yet revolutionary idea.  A project from Bassano Future, the internal division dedicated to research and development, consisting of an innovative storage system dedicated to home interior design.

Hangers instead of traditional, bulky coat, partly magnetic and partly magnetized, to redefine space concept in a flexible way. The new solution will completely turn upside down a world now limited by standard sizes and it will also avoid the use of accessories such as the clothes hanging sticks.

Thanks to the principle of the magnet it will be possible to hang, to position and to create a storage system elegant and flexible at the same time. This versatility makes this project particularly suitable also to the  retail world and hospitality.

Bassano Group presented this project during the fifth edition of Social2Business, an important event dedicated to internationalization and business strategy which took place in Expo on October, the 9th. During the business matching Bassano idea quickly drew the attention of two major Italian fashion brands and a famous international hotel group.

The next step will be to apply this concept to other contexts,  for example  libraries or kitchen accessories, in order to create a range of products of high technological content with an appealing design and a great functionality. Lifestyle home collections improving space efficiency by using high quality and modern materials.

"Our magnetic hangers are modern and elegant and can be placed over the entire surface of the cabinet allowing a considerable saving in terms of space” explains Stefano Bassano, Managing Director of the Group. "Not only closets and home interior design but also shops and hotels. Our patented system is fascinating because it transforms the concept of “storage” with a flexibility which is required by our society. Elegance, simplicity but also Made in Italy "continues Stefano Bassano "We want to contaminate the product with the features of our country, and bring the Italian style all over the world. ",581457.html#.ViTtQStyNX8

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